The Supreme Pontiff of ShriKailasa concludes the Hindu Religious Fast with the Maheshwara Puja
April 6, 2020
On 5th April 2020, The Supreme Pontiff of ShriKailasa concluded the Hindu religious fast for global health – the Paccha Pattini Vratham – with Maheshwara Puja, the most ancient Hindu ritual of offering pinda tharpana (food for the departed souls) for the deceased as described in the Vedagamas. HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam accepted the pinda tharpana offered by the devotees and liberated the departed souls of their karmic baggage.

The Offering food to a living Avatar as per Hinduism is equal to feeding the whole world. A key component of the Maheshwara Puja is the offering of food to the Guru along with His monastic disciples. The best place on Planet Earth to offer the “pinda tharpana” is the stomach of a sanyasi. The jataraagni (digestive fire),  the hunger fire of a sannyasi, kindled through hunger is the best fire into which you can offer the pinda tharpana. The shraaddha (ritual offering to departed souls), reaches the pithrus (departed ancestors) directly. It is thousand times greater than offering any “shraaddha”, any “pinda”, in any river, any water-body, any lake, any holy land or any other holy place (as it is traditionally practiced in Hinduism).

Known to offer spiritual healing, completion, peace and bliss not only to the departed soul but also to those associated with the soul,  Maheshwara puja is offered by the loved ones of the deceased to bring intense completion. Proven through the test of time and through many past testimonies, the Maheshwara puja instantly bestows the performer with peace, completion and emotional relief to smoothly recover from the trauma of the loss of a loved one. It can also be offered to oneself in aid of one’s journey of enlightenment by freeing oneself from the karmic baggage of lifetimes. 

On understanding the impact and negative hangover that would result from the Coronavirus pandemic, His Divine Holiness declared that healing the world of coronavirus is the Spiritual responsibility of  SHRIKAILASA. What started with simple self- quarantine, grew into a national emergency and now has exploded into global pandemic. SHRIKAILASA shoulders the responsibility to bring out a comprehensive solution – to spiritually heal the departed, diseased and disheartened.


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