Vedic Lifestyle – My response to Coronavirus – By Dr. Shanthi
March 27, 2020

Nithyanandam! I am Dr. Shanthi, a practising obstetrician and gynaecologist from Bengaluru, Karnataka.

I am an initiated disciple of HDH Bhagawan Nithyananda Paramashivam and am blessed to have Him as co-creator of my life since 2009! I have also been a participant of many Inner Awakening programs (21 days profound yoga meditation retreat), Kailash Yatra, Kumbh Mela, Nithyananda Yogam (three months in House program at Adi Kailasa, Bidadi), we also have a home temple blessed by Swamiji at Banashankari 3rd stage in Bengaluru.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, as a doctor, I want to present how our ancient, time tested, foolproof, authentic Veda Agamic lifestyle shared by Swamiji with the whole world is very much relevant today.

The four divisions of agamic lifestyle are

– Chariya paada – lifestyle as described in the agamas by Paramashiva.

– Kriya paada – Is the temple based lifestyle with all the authentic powerful veda agamic rituals like Homa, Pooja, Abhisheka, etc.

– Yoga paada – Nithyananda Yoga called Prathama Vinyasa Krama – with basic 108 asanas combined with the 12 components including original sutra chanting, bandhas, pranayamas and kumba.

– Jnaana paada – Science of power manifestation.

Each and every aspect like waking up in Bramhamuhurta, following morning spiritual routine(shared in detail below), cooking and sharing organic satvic vegetarian meals, agriculture as per agamas without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides, dressing and jewellery as per agamas, Goushaala (non violent way of rearing cows and other cattle), Gurukul Education, Housing, Health care, etc like this, every aspect of Hindu lifestyle is being revived by Swamiji authentically in great detail and shared with the whole world in a way that we can practice in a very user friendly manner.

This veda agamic lifestyle helps us to have a strong yogic body which is able to heal beautifully by having a strong immune system and with minimal natural medication.

Now, even science shows how the body responds to every thought, emotion, our belief system, feelings etc as our ancient rishis had explained eons ago only establishing the legitimacy of traditional Hindu medical practices even more. In the same lines, Swamiji has shared many solutions and processes to build an amazing vedic mind through initiations and powerful cognitions, so we can activate and express the right genes in our system.

Swamiji is sharing and enriching the whole world with the rich vedagamic Jnaana – Vijnaana which is the need of the hour giving the whole humanity a major “CONSCIOUS BREAKTHROUGH”.

At this junction of COVID19 pandemic, we can apply the great veda agamic lifestyle especially morning spiritual routine and temple based lifestyle and go more inward to see how we can stop being self centred and start making the whole creation – water bodies, plants, animals, all beings of Mother Nature, Mountains, Hills, every aspect of Mother Nature’s glory as our extensions and treat them all with love and compassion. Each one of us can heal ourselves first – through the great spiritual wealth that Swamiji is giving in abundance (eg:- weekend power manifestation programs) and heal the whole creation.

Our Swamiji has created thousands of Kailasa ecosystems where the authentic vedagamic lifestyle is practised and shared with the world in the form of vedic temples and Gaushalas, Gurukuls, Annalayas, Granthalayas, Paduka Mandirs, satsang centres and home temples.

In Essence – Let us all realize our responsibilities being part of the WHOLE (Collective consciousness) to first heal ourselves by getting back to our rich, ancient vedagamic lifestyle in going in depth in every aspect of life and heal the whole creation by loving, taking care, enjoying, sharing and being in gratitude for the whole creation for all the abundance she is showering on all of us.

The morning spiritual routine for a healthy life:

This is the best way we can bring a healthy change in this self quarantine period during COVID-19. 

Following daily morning spiritual routine, as revealed by Paramashiva in Agamas, given to all of us in a simple manner by HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam , that we can apply in our daily life, brings tremendous health- physical, mental & spiritual! We experience so much of new energy, excitement to engage with life with deep restful awareness, with zero stress or conflict or anxiety!

Morning routine includes Turmeric, Lemon, Honey water on empty stomach followed by one hour Nithyananda Yoga -Prathama Vinyasa krama 108 asanas along with 12 components, Pancha Kriya-  Jalanethi( cleaning nasal passages with Clean salt water) , Nethra shuddhi ( washing eyes with Clean water) Jalabhasthi( Enema with Clean water), Neem juice, Haritaki( both for cleaning gums, tongue & consumption at night), Nithya Atmarthapooja, Nithya Satsang, brings all auspiciouness, living life from the space of possibilities, exploring & experiencing different dimensions unknown to us! Same as experiencing Divinity inside us , falling in deep love with ourselves, puts us into the space of seeing the Divine in every one & everything around us! 


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