Cause of coronavirus is Karma, Solution is Dharma
April 29, 2020

Nithyananda Satsang 17/04/2020
 Kailasa’s Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam



Hinduism teaches to constantly look at the root of the problem, not getting overwhelmed by the problem and trying to find superficial solution. Those with vested interests will make you believe that you need to accept the superficial solutions for immediate purposes. Surely we need to protect ourselves and quarantine, but all that is NOT permanent solution.

We have arrived at too many deluded conclusions. Let us stop the idea that the whole planet earth belongs only to human beings. Human race may be superior because of its ability to kill other beings but we need to know that the planet earth is not exclusively for us. We are here to COEXIST. Just for tastebud satisfaction, we are ready to torture and kill animals. Neither cosmic logic nor binary logic allows us to conclude the animal-based lifestyle is right. Please BE VERY CLEAR! MEAT-BASED DIET / ANIMAL-BASED LIFESTYLE, meaning using animal products for your comfort, luxury in any form is not right, not sustainable, not the right way to exist for a long time.

I request the living practicing Hindus , the 2 billion born Hindus all over the world to start setting a trend of moving to NATURE-BASED LIFESTYLE. Let’s stop torturing and killing animals, let’s drop this idea that planet earth is exclusively for us. That is demonic cognition and tendency. Let us learn APARIGRAHA (living with minimal things), ASTEYA (non-stealing) and AHIMSA (non-violence). LET’S END CONSUMERISM AS A RELIGION!

I tell you, the MODERN-DAY MEDIA CULT is promoting CONSUMERISM CULT as the success of the life. Becoming slave to the consumeristic cult because the mass media cult is brainwashing you is the WORST DELUSION with which Humanity is suffering. That is the SOURCE OF MULTIPLE PANDEMICS AND CRISIS DAY YET TO COME.

CONSUMERISTIC CULT is NOT a sustainable model. STOP stealing from other Beings, what is given for their life, stop stealing it for your luxury. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO STEAL THE SKIN OR THE LIFE OF OTHER BEINGS FOR YOUR TASTEBUDS, LUXURY OR COMFORTS.

Let us get back to the RIGHT LIFESTYLE! Even if it takes a little time, let’s go for PERMANENT SOLUTION!. Let us all focus and sincerely put our efforts to get out of this brainwashing done to us by mass media cult and consumeristic cult and create sustainable eco-friendly, cosmic logic-centred, non violent-based, non stealing -based, living with minimal things-based communities = KAILASAS all over the world.



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