Ancient hindu practises being used as corona crisis guidelines worldwide
April 29, 2020

Shrikailasa follows the Chariya pada described in our Vedagamas (ancient Hindu scriptures) which was the ancient life style system followed by traditional Hindu families, now being revived by the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, His Divine Holiness Nithyananda Paramashivam.

This lifestyle brings not only good health and well being to all of us but also gives the inner strength to powerfully go through the challenges faced by humanity like the deadly Coronavirus Pandemic without stress or panic, instead, with higher spiritual strength, intense prayer and an extended support for all affected by it.

Hinduism has a spiritual precautionary measures as part of its lifestyle practices for better hygiene, health and prevention of diseases. Unfortunately most of them are brushed aside in the name of blind superstitions.

COVID-19 has made the world realize that traditional Hindu practices are not superstitions but has significant importance proven by science.

Here are a few ancient Hindu practices which are now being used as guidelines by the whole world:

1. Everybody is adapting to ‘Namaste’ to greet each other – one of its many benefits being less human contact means less chances of spreading any infection
2. Importance of vegetarianism has gained popularity
3. Cremating dead bodies is now considered better than burial.
4. We are advised to not cook food in the house where somebody has died to avoid any contamination of food
5. Taking a bath without touching anyone after we come home from a funeral is now a hygienic practice advised for all.
6. Occasional fasting – once a week/twice a month to boost our immune system.
7. Yoga which is one of the oldest practice delivered by Paramashiva himself for overall wellbeing and health is now a common global practice for better health.
9. In Hindu traditional lifestyle, we avoid going closer to anybody who is sick.

COVID-19 has also brought with it a warning from nature to all human beings that it is time to stop the destructive practices and lifestyle that are harmful to the entire eco system and natural balance of the planet.

In order to combat to the overwhelming negativity felt around the world now, His Divine Holiness started an intense spiritual prcess, along with His fast, in order to raise the consciousness of humanity. This process is called Paramashivoham Level 2, which is now in its second batch. Thousands around the world have joined Him in this process and with His guidance, are creating new life for themselves without fear or violence. Together we are transcending the norms of society and entering a higher way of life.

Supreme pontiff of Hinduism, HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam performed intense prayer and Hindu fasting to heal corona virus from the world

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