Department of Health

KAILASA’s Department of Health provides free physical, physiological, mental, emotional, and psychological well-being through various Vedic services to all its citizens as per the Hindu health policy, laid down in the Vedāgamas

We develop and deliver policies and programs and advise the Government of KAILASA to empower healthcare systems dedicated to strengthening and redefining the ideals of psychological healing, spiritual counseling, by operating with the single unified goal of felicitating every individual to explore their ultimate possibility of enlightenment through a yogic body.



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What we do

Our Vision

We aim to achieve our vision of providing health and well being to all our citizens through scientific, evidence-based policy, well-targeted programs and through the revival of best Vedic practice regulations as described in the Vedāgamas to achieve the ultimate purpose of life – Living Enlightenment.

Our Responsibilities

  • Promote Health Security
    KDH is committed to promote Health Security by empowering the Citizens of KAILASA to live and radiate the space of life-positivity through free, holistic and robust physical and mental healthcare facilities in-person and digital means.
  • Supporting Self-Development
    KDH shall establish universal and local civic strategies to encourage and support people in need of health care by mentoring, teaching & offering tailored assistance to every citizen with the sacred science of self-healing through various time-tested, fool-proof, Vedāgamic techniques such as the Science of Completion, Unclutching, Power Manifestation, etc through various means;
  • Harnessing research, information, and evidence
    KDH is committed to revive the Vedic health care system by providing health information, setting standards and norms, formulating and circulating scientific, scriptural evidence-based policies in accordance with the Suśrutasaṃhitā, Atharvaveda, Charakasaṃhitā, Bhagavad Gita, and several other health-based scriptures
  • Strengthening Partnerships
    KDH continues to work towards merging and advancing modern healthcare approaches with Vedic traditional practice and health guidelines to create a more sophisticated, effective, and curative healthcare system with the support of several collaborative partners including ShriKailasa Uniting Nations agencies and numerous international humanitarian agencies working to establish a disease-free world.
  • Initiatives & Programs
    KDH expands, organized and facilitates health-based initiatives & programs guiding the focus to achieve physical, mental, and psychological wellness through numerous in-person sessions conducted in the de facto spiritual embassies, legations, consular offices, and other facilities and digital sessions including through social media platforms, teleconferencing platforms and other innovative technologies to personalize the experience
  • Spread Awareness
    KDH oversees Vedic health-based program programs and services that improve the well-being of individuals, families, and communities to empower by educating the citizens of KAILASA on the prevention of disease in the physical, physiological, psychological, emotional levels to achieve optimum physical health and mental wellbeing and experience spiritual upliftment.
  • Upgrading Health Systems
    Our agencies provide resources to equip peacekeepers with state of the art, Ayurvedic, Siddha & Allopathic practices through public education, research, legislation, special events, courses, awareness programs, seminars, and conferences conducted.
  • Quality Supervision
    KDH supports and monitors the health of all citizens and ensures the foremost quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of health care services are provided to all the citizens of KAILASA
  • Youth Care
    KDH educates youth on the right to free healthcare in terms of availability, accessibility, acceptability, and quality of health facilities, goods, and services to ensure people and societies are aware and better protected through multitudinous Vedic Practices designed to prevent physical, mental health illnesses
  • Elderly Person Care
    The older citizens of KAILASA play a key role in fostering the connection and engagement that builds strong, resilient communities. KAILASA’s elderly stand as strong examples of the authentic ancestral values to re-establish Integrity, authenticity, responsibility enriching and causing into the ecosystem. KDH offers healthy living options, innovative programs, and senior services that inspire peace, longevity by providing the best quality of care, support and facilitate elderly citizens to experience a superconscious breakthrough.
  • Supporting and Advising The Sovereign Order Of KAILASA
    KDH help them shape and deliver Vedic policy that delivers the government’s objectives
  • Acting as Guardians of the Health and Care Framework
    KDH makes sure the legislative, financial, administrative, and policy frameworks are in accordance with the Vedagamas and is fit for purpose and work together
  • Troubleshooting
    KDH identifies, investigates, and develops policies, leads debates, and unites nations by providing Vedāgamic evidence-based solutions to resolve crucial and complex issues such as but not limited to prevention of pandemics, epidemics, and virus outbreaks to improve global and domestic health.

    Our Service Pledge

    KAILASA’s ​​ Department of Health pledge and commit to delivering with:

    KDH shall ​​bring the highest levels of human knowledge to improve physical, mental, and psychological health through its commitment to innovation and research to improve the current and future health of all citizens of KAILASA.

    KDH shall abide by the fundamental principles and values described in the Vedāgamas and further adhere to the Health standards established by the Hindu Compliance Body.

    KDH advances towards superconscious breakthroughs for children, adolescents , adults, and senior citizens of KAILASA, by providing quality healthcare, nutritious food, and a clean, safe, secure, suitable, supportive environment for the sustenance of good health and wellbeing to experience cosmic union with the ultimate divine identity – Paramashiva.

    KDH pledges to unveil the original and source scriptures revealed by Paramashiva to authenticate, awaken, empower, enrich, and enreach Hindus around the world to practice the Vedic Health techniques founded and rooted in Hindu Scriptures.


    Key Departmental Initiatives

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