Paramashiva – The Source

Paramashiva, the primordial Divinity of Hinduism and embodiment of Supreme Consciousness Himself reveals the Science of Living Enlightenment in the various scriptures of Hinduism.

Hindu scriptures contain the precise instructions for the Science of Living Enlightenment- living a life free from fear, hunger, anger and transcending all mundane human limitations.

Hinduism is Greater Science, in every aspect of life.
It does not serve food, just to fill the void in our stomach; but to fill the subtler, deeper void of our lives- to experience superconscious breakthrough.



Bhagashastra – ancient scripture – timeless science  

Bhaga Shastra is essentially the recipe book and science of cooking, given by Paramashiva to his consort Devi Parashakti, in order to start Living Enlightenment through food.  What makes the Bhaga Shastra so remarkable is that every sphere of cooking is explained in minute and meticulous detail. 

Ancient Hindu Civilisation – a testimony to the Hindu science of food & nutrition

In Hinduism, food and consciousness are known to be closely related. Food was used as a powerful tool to experience superconscious breakthrough.

All the techniques and principles revealed in the Bhagashastra and other source scriptures of Hinduism came to life through the Ancient Enlightened Hindu Civilization.  Every common household was a practical laboratory in itself, applying the sacred secrets of Bhagashastra in their daily meals.  It was because of this unique method of cooking that accounted for their heightened awareness, maturity and ability to cognize- proving them to be high achievers in every walk of life.   

Revival by Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism

The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism (SPH) is the reviver of KAILASA, the enlightened civilization and the world’s only and greatest Hindu nation. One of the fundamental pillars of this civilization, which existed from time immemorial, is Annalaya- the temple for the free service of food. As the embodiment of the core principles of Sanatana Hindu Dharma and the living Incarnation of Paramashiva, the superconsciousness, SPH has made the establishment of Annalaya, the temple for free service of food, as a core pillar in the revival of KAILASA from the time that He was coronated as the 1008th Incarnation of Paramashiva at the age of 16.

Kailasa’s Nithyananda Annalaya is working to eradicate hunger  and give humanity a superconscious breakthrough through food. With over 1 billion meals served, the Nithyananda Annalaya continues its ever-burning stove under the guidance and vision of The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism. Amongst various other initiatives to revive the Hindu science of food and nutrition, Nithyananda Annalaya is also working to revive Bhagashastra, as a lifestyle by documenting and presenting it in a practical user friendly way.