The Supreme Potiff’s Coronavirus Guidelines for Spiritual Embassies of ShriKailasa Worldwide

Guidelines to be followed by Kailasas around the world to prevent the novel Coronavirus disease

Protection through two primary ways:



Daily Preventive measures:

Follow country guidelines – abide by the rules and guidelines imposed in your country.

Social distancing – avoid physical contact with any individual 

Prevent entry of any person from outside into spiritual embassies of Kailasa – complete isolation of community from outside world; Staff and workers stopped

Making the spiritual embassies self sufficient in every way – producing our own organic sattvic produce as well as self cooking

Washing hands – as often as possible whenever we involve hands for any work and particularly before eating

Bathing twice a day – including head bath every day with change into fresh clothes

Cleanliness of places – regular cleaning of campus and areas of cooking and eating  and garbage disposal in a protected way 

Pancha kriya –  Jala Basti (enema), Jala neti (cleaning of nose) and Netra shuddhi (cleansing of eyes) and intake of haritaki powder – all promote protection and help in detox


Intake of Anti coronavirus Kashayam – designed from a combination of traditional Hindu medicinal practices of Naturopathy, Ayurveda and Siddha

For 350 servings:

  1. Take 20 litres of water.
  2. Add 400 – 500 gms of ginger , 20 gms of crushed peppercorns, 50 gms of tulasi
  3. Boil nicely till it reduces to 18 litres
  4. Add required quantity of jaggery to taste and 20 gms of turmeric
  5. After removing from heat, squeeze 10 lemons into it and mix well.
  6. Take 50 ml of this while hot once a day every day for 7 days

The goodness of the ingredients:

Jaggery – loaded with antioxidants and boosts resistance against infections
Fresh ginger – Helps to relieve from common cold, constipation and nausea and improve immunity
PepperCorns – Relief from respiratory disorders and cough
Lemon Juice – Aids digestion and promotes hydration.
Tulsi / Basil leaves – Reduce the uric acid level in the body and treatment of fever, asthma, stress and respiratory infections etc.

Hot Turmeric water – Drinking hot water with one spoon of turmeric everyday improves immunity and aids in dissolving the lipid coat of viruses

Nithyananda Yoga – has twelve components  and done as a ritual is designed to raise the level of individual consciousness. It is specially designed to write out muscle memories as per the sankalpa taken before starting the session. This makes the old muscle memories and earlier patterns accumulated in the body redundant. The Nithyananda Yoga brings in oneness with the Universal divine consciousness through the awakening of the kundalini energy. Health happens both at the physical and mental level as well as there is improvement of immunity through the pranayama component. The chanting of the mantras during yoga by themselves bring in health. The aushadha,the yantra, visualization with the japa brings in a deep unclutched state of mind drastically decreasing stress levels in the individual. This in turn improves immunity in the person 

Daily night completion process – Relief of stress, pain, fear and all incompletions through completion process and unclutching which is a part of our fundamental lifestyle and essence of the Paramashiva Jnana and Vijnana as revealed by HDH Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam 

Power manifestation – Practice power manifestation daily as the time spent on this is the time you experience oneness with Paramashiva(ultimate superconscious energy) who fills you, makes your nervous system and immune system strong and protects you.

Do mahavakya japa daily – Chanting of the most positive sound waves, the mahavakya japa will keep the atmosphere positive and healthy.

Participate in the Paramashivoham Level 2 program – Paramashiva Vijnana is given to humanity through the Paramashivoham level 2 program. It has come in at a very crucial time. Along with the self isolation at home, receive the Paramashiva Vijnana and direct superconscious breakthrough which is all healing.

Keep the kanta mala on you at all times – All those wearing the kanta mala and chanting the mahavakya are shielded and protected by Paramashiva.

Follow the Paccha Pattini vratham – a traditional Hindu religious fast

Benefits of the items prescribed for the fast:

Organic raw rice in thullumaavu-

The mixture of Rice flour and Jaggery will cool the body temperature and removes vaatha and Pittha doshas

Panakkam – 

Jaggery – As it is loaded with antioxidants, boosts resistance against infections.

 Lemon Juice – Aids digestion and promotes hydration.


It has proteins, carbohydrates, minimal lipids, vitamins and essential enzymes

Buttermilk has a fair amount of acid in it which works against bacteria and helps clear stomach and aids in digestion

Buttermilk is an effective therapy to prevent dehydration. It is full of electrolytes and is one of the best drinks to fight against the heat and loss of water from the body

Buttermilk has  B complex vitamins and Vitamin D. This makes buttermilk a good choice to overcome weakness and anemia caused by vitamin insufficiency. Vitamin D present in buttermilk strengthens the immune system, making it less susceptible to infections. 

Buttermilk contains riboflavin. The body utilizes riboflavin to activate enzymes in the cells, hence driving energy production. It also aids liver function and assists detoxification of the body. Is has anti-oxidation properties.

Buttermilk is rich in bacteria which are beneficial to the gastrointestinal tract. Such bacteria are called probiotics. They synthesize vitamins, assist in digestion, enhance Immunity and build nutrients

This drink which is rich in lactic acid bacteria boosts the immune system and helps the body fight off detrimental pathogens present in everyday foods. Buttermilk is well known as an antidote to bacterial and  viral infections like fighting fight common cold and runny nose.

Moong dal

It provides all the essential ingredients

Moong dal is a nutrient-rich food. They’re packed with minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron, and copper. In addition to this, they also contain folate, fiber, fiber, and vitamin B6, apart from loads of high-quality protein.

Iron in the moong dal  helps in the production of red blood cell which  prevents anaemia and improves the overall blood circulation in the body

The high protein content contributes to building and repairing tissues, while building  muscles, bones, cartilage, blood, and skin.

The most important is the  spiritual component in the fast which has been taken up as a spiritual responsibility for the health, goodness and welfare of all the beings on planet Earth.

This fast in traditionally done in Samayapuram Mariamman temple in Tamilnadu India every year as a 28 day fast by Devi [Amman] herself for the welfare of the world.  It starts on the last Sunday in the vedic calendar month of Masi that is February – March. For the sangha and blessed by Swamiji this fast will heal the world from the coronavirus pandemic.