Traditional Medicine Practices
November 2, 2021

Ayurveda is the world’s oldest natural and holistic medical care system. The prehistoric Hindu records elucidate the use of natural products, diet, exercise, and lifestyle to prevent, diagnose, improve, or treat physical and mental illness. Ayurvedic treatment modalities insist on the practice of “Pancha Kriya” to rid the body of accumulated waste and toxins which generate diseases. Ayurvedic Medicines were designed to prevent and cure the individual from the recurrence of the disease by providing a unique dosage or concocting of medicine considering various aspects such as doshas, lifestyle, diet, and symptoms.

Although modern medicine triumphed over infectious viruses, diseases outbreaks, instead of curative and preventive methodologies, modern medicines fabricated numerous treatments to suppress symptoms resulting in regression of chronic, complex diseases. However, contemporary Medical institutes are reinventing and advancing several of their concepts in an era of systems biology, personalized medicine, and the broader context of a more holistic transition into sciences.

KDH administers Ayurvedic and Siddha Medicines to the citizens of KAILASA, after careful examination of the individual. KHD further has trained peacekeepers of KAILASA in researching and authenticating Ayurvedic practices with respective scriptural evidence to provide legitimacy to the traditional medicine practices. So traditional medicine has much to offer global health, and KDH works towards uniting Modern research capacities with Traditional Medicinal philosophies and practices to create the most efficient, effective, and holistic medical care approach.


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