Pachai Patni Vratham
November 2, 2021

The preservation of the historical traditions practised in Hinduism is of paramount importance as they elucidate the cosmic solutions required to solve the problems of humanity. The Hindu Puranas foreground innumerable instances of handling pandemics, natural calamities and reviving Hindu civilizations after the destruction of planet earth, yuga after yuga. The unbreakable cycle of creation and destruction is explained in the Manu Smriti in Chapter 1, verse 57;

मन्वन्तराण्यसङ्ख्यानि सर्गः संहार एव च । क्रीडन्निवैतत् कुरुते परमेष्ठी पुनः पुनः ॥ ८० ॥

manvantarāṇyasaṅkhyāni sargaḥ saṃhāra eva ca |
krīḍannivaitat kurute parameṣṭhī punaḥ punaḥ || 80 ||

Innumerable Manvantaras, as also Creation and Dissolution—all this the
supreme lord calls into being again and again, as if in amusement—(80)

Pralaya – “the great deluge” is the self-purification of the planet that took the form of the COVID-19 pandemic, conversely this time the pralaya is focused on rejuvenation (Punahsthapita pralaya) not destruction. 

The Hindu Purana relates the twenty-eight days fast observed by Devi Mariamma (the embodiment of feminine consciousness) during Maasi – Panguni months (mid-march – mid-april) in accordance with the Tamil calendar, for the welfare of her devotees. As the onset of the months, March – April see the prospects of the upsurge of sickness. Devi takes the responsibility to purify the world from viruses and disease outbreaks, and toxification through the Hindu spiritual purification technique of Pachai Pattini Viratham.

KDH is committed to spiritually enriching and en-reaching the Hindus around the world to protect and support by dedicating thousands of hours to spread the groundbreaking revelations of traditional practices and immunization techniques of the Science of Pacha Pattini Vratham to augment one’s immune strength drastically. The purpose of Pacha Pattni Vratham is designed for Hindus to make their body a medium for Paramashiva and Parashakti to manifest and heal themselves as well as the entire world.


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